The city offers many activities and interesting places to spend time alone or with friends. Nonetheless, the stress of traffic, pollution and noise can be overwhelming, specially when it’s vacations time.

If you feel you’ve seen everything in the city and want to have a different experience, this is the blog for you! Connecting with the nature and breathing fresh is not possible if you aren’t in the right spot.  So, to help you find an ideal place, not so far from Bogotá, we recommend you five amazing natural parks. If you have enough time, maybe you’ll visit them all!

1. Natural Park Cerro de Quinini.

Having 1.800 hectares, this protected area is full of ancient history and sacred places. There are many caves and rocks with unique names that tell a story. For example, there’s the Mohan Cave, named after the traditional myth of a man that enchanted young women near rivers or caves. On the other hand, there are places that speak of ceremonies.

The peak of the eagle, for example, is believed to be a vortex between a dimension beyond. In many of these spots our indigenous ancestors would come together to celebrate, heal after battles, make rituals and offerings to their gods.

Relive and imagine the ways of the many communities that once lived there. Be amazed by the great views and find green wherever you look.

2. Biological Park La Reserva

Focused in preservation, this park is actually a foundation that keeps animals rescued from trafficking. In order to preserve as many species as possible, you’ll find various ecosystems for birds, frogs, endemic mammals and more.

This park also wants to raise awareness about animal trafficking through education. With many paths to explore and nature to observe, it offers adventures for everyone. If you’re traveling with your family, this could be a good choice to share time, learn and know more about Colombian flora and fauna.

3. Chicaque Park

Just 30 minutes away from Bogotá, this park is famous for the birdwatching activities. Nonetheless, if you’re not so passionate about birds, it’s also a great place to hike and get away from the noise f the city.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, lodging is also available, but you have to keep in mind that the temperatures drop drastically during the nighttime. On the other hand, if you are passionate about birdwatching, it could be the perfect opportunity to spot unique species at sunrise.

However, if you’re interested in hiking, the park has different trails with various levels of difficulty, whether you want to challenge yourself or you just want to walk and enjoy the scenery. Find streams, ancient trees, endemic vegetation and more.

4. Chingaza Park

Famous for having the shape of a butterfly, this park has become a place for challenging even the best and most experienced hikers. Given the area it covers, Chingaza has various ecosystems that facilitate birdwatching, as well as the conservation of flora and fauna.

Depending on the path of your choice, reach the paramo, a unique ecosystem around 2.700 – 3.100 mts above the sea level, or find one of the three lakes that characterize the natural scenery of the park.

Given the size of the protected area, you can enjoy a relaxed hike while spotting unique flora with the breathtaking scenery of the mountains that put distance between Bogotá and the park. Or, if you want to challenge your body, you can take one of the trails that leads to a lake or reaches the paramo.

e park has different trails with various levels of difficulty, whether you want to challenge yourself or you just want to walk and enjoy the scenery. Find streams, ancient trees, endemic vegetation and more.

5. Paramo of Sumapaz

Just as we mentioned before, the paramo is a unique ecosystem found above 2.700 mts, and its importance is related to the production of water. One of the main characteristics of the ecosystem is the frailejones: plants that absorb water from the fog and air, transform it into underground streams that gives birth to rivers and lakes.

Luckily for you, in Bogotá is the biggest paramo of the world! Located in the very south of the city, the paramo of Sumapaz is a sacred area where ancestral indigenous communities would perform ceremonies and rituals.

If you want to challenge yourself, this could be the perfect opportunity: a high altitude, cold weather and breathtaking views in a magical area still inside Bogotá.

Now when you visit the capital of Colombia, you’ll know that your options are not restricted to visiting museums or shops. Be part of an adventure and explore ecosystems that’ll live in your memory forever!