Did you know that Bogotá is known as the Athens of South America?
That’s how it is! In addition to being the capital of Colombia, Bogotá is an unmissable city, since it has a
great variety of cultural and artistic scenarios, but also educational and scientific. That is why
one of the most recommended plans for all those who spend time in the city is to visit some of
their museums.
And which one is it? Well, the offer is enormous, only in Bogotá there are more than 50 museums to
choose from! And since we know it can be a bit difficult to choose, we recommend 5
museums that you definitely should not miss.

  1. Gold Museum

This museum exhibits pre-Hispanic objects, made by indigenous communities before the arrival
of the Spanish. Among the collections you will find ceramics, gold and silver work, and alsowork with other materials. So you will not only learn about the process of elaboration of these elements but you will discover their way of life, some beliefs and customs. This museum has the largest collection of pre-Hispanic gold in the world, so it is a cultural heritage that definitely contributes to the cultural identity of the whole nation. Not for nothing, this museum has been named as one of the best history museums in the world by National Geographic.

  1. Botero Museum
    One of the best gifts that the country’s culture has received has been the donation of part of
    the personal art collection of the Colombian painter Fernando Botero. Botero is one of the
    national artists recognized worldwide for the way he plays with the proportion of the size of
    objects and bodies. Since 2000 he founded this museum that includes 208 works: 85 by
    international artists such as Renoir, Monet, Degas, and Picasso, Miró and Dalí, among many
    others. There are also 123 pieces of his own, both paintings and sculptures.
    It is an immersion to different artistic currents of different times that is worthwhile. Moreover,
    in order to have a much more complete visit and understand its cultural and historical value in
    the country we highly recommend a Vista de Bogotá desde Monserratecity tour through Bogota’s downtownVista de Bogotá desde Monserrate.
  2. National Museum
    Of course, you cannot miss a visit to one of the oldest museums in America! Created by the
    initiative of Simón Bolívar and Santander since 1823. The museum has four collections: art,
    history, archeology, and ethnography, so you can see samples of paintings, drawings,
    engravings, sculptures, objects, installations, decorative art, and much more.
    The best thing is that it also offers a cultural program with concerts, lectures, theater, film and
    dance shows, so we are sure you will be amazed by it.
    Actually, if you go around Bogota on Vista de Bogotá desde Monserrateour Bike tourVista de Bogotá desde Monserrate you can pass by and get to know the area a
    little and then return on your own and spend the day there.
  3. Quinta de Bolivar House Museum
    If you are interested in knowing the history of Colombia and learn about the life of Simon
    Bolivar, the liberator who fought for the independence of Colombia, this is your place.
    This colonial house, which is now a museum, is the place where Bolivar spent some time, and
    in it you can see some of his personal objects and discover what it was like to live at that time
    and what that great moment in history represented for the country.
    Also, right next to the Quinta de Bolivar you will find Monserrate, so you can have a much more
    complete tour learning about history and then being amazed with the beautiful views of the
    whole city from the top of the mountain. Vista de Bogotá desde MonserrateJust see what you can find thereVista de Bogotá desde Monserrate.
  4. Bogota’s cultural block
    The famous cultural block of Bogota is located in the historic center, in the neighborhood of La
    Candelaria. It is a group of cultural spaces dedicated to art, conservation, and culture. It has the
    library and some museums. Among them, besides the Botero Museum we recommend you
    The Miguel Urrutia Art Museum(MAMU), with its large collection of plastic arts and The
    Banco de la República Art Collection that has more than 6 thousand works of painting,
    sculpture, video, installations by national and international artists and is divided by
    chronological curatorships.
  5. Museum of Bogota
    Finally, if you want to learn about the cultural and environmental heritage this city has had, its
    imaginaries and complexities, as well as its urban development, you can’t miss this museum.
    Here you will find a large collection of photographs, historical objects and plans, as well as
    temporary exhibitions of local artists and recurring cultural activities.
    As you can see, Bogota has a lot to do, and museums are always a great plan to discover the
    cultural value that cities have to offer.