Definitely a trip to Colombia wouldn’t be complete without visiting the colorful, antique and dreamy city of Cartagena de Indias.

This place known for the Walled City holds inside its historic center with tons of narrow streets,colonial houses of vibrant colors, cute balconies, warm people, delicious Caribbean food and iconic squares, building, museums and churches. But that’s not it, it also mixes art,music and culture in neighborhoods such as Getsemani. It boasts history in places like San Felipe Castle or La Popa Convent. And it is surrounded by beaches and amazing crystal-clear water islands.

As it has so many things to do, it is always important to plan your trip in the best time of the year that allows you to discover and enjoy as much as you can. That is why we will explain in
this blog when it is best to come and why!

First of all, if you have searched basic information about Colombia, you may already know that we have almost the same climate all year round. This unchanging nature is because our country
is located on the Equator, which means the sun both sets and rises at the same time, so the difference of seasons is due to how much it rains and not about how the temperature changes.

So, if weather doesn’t change that means I get to travel to Cartagena at any time I want?

Well, although you can travel around Colombia in almost any time of the year, we do have rainy and dry seasons that may change your travel plans a little bit in this part of the country.

What is the best time to visit Cartagena, then? 

Mainly from December to April. And why? During these months the average temperature is between 28 and 31 °C and it barely rains (almost six days per month). This makes it perfect for
you to travel in and out the city in the islands nearby without worries. However, it is also the time when most of the tourists get there so it is crowded, and prices tend to go up. So, it is
better that you book on advance the activities you are planning to do.

From sailing to the Rosario    Islands    on    a    boat, a food tour through the most famous market, Bazurto, a city    tour around its main spots, a graffiti    tour, or chilly experiences of spending the day   at   the   beach and more. There are a lot of options according to the type of trip you prefer.
And of course, if for any reason you cannot make it during these months, you can always come and find all kind of things to do, places to visit and experiences to try. That’s the beauty of
Colombia, we welcome you every day, no matter what!