Humpback whale season! Where to go whale watching in Colombia?

Every year, between July and November, one of the most awaited events for nature lovers takes place: the arrival of humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean.

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Top 5 Foods to try in Cali: a guide for a day full of flavors

Attention food lovers! Your insatiable need for amazing flavors has finally met its match. Welcome to the city of salsa and tradition: Cali. The capital of dance is located in the state of Valle del Cauca, in the south-east of the country. This region, due to its size, offers many climates, although its capital has […]

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Cali City Tour: 5 things you can’t miss, specially the third one

Cali, the city of the salsa and a heavenly place, that’s how the locals know it. Why? Most men say because of the women, and most women say because of the amazing dancers. The truth is that the Caleños, the locals, steal your heart and charm you with their warmth. The salsa capital of Colombia […]

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