If there’s something that makes Colombia famous around the globe, is its coffee. The joy behind a cup of coffee is a unique feeling that’s hard to repeat, but when it comes to Colombian coffee, having a cup becomes a whole new experience.

If you’re a coffee lover, you probably have tasted lots of good coffees all around the globe, some stronger than others. So, what makes Colombian coffees so special? Where does the good flavor come from? The secret is in the ground, in the land where the farms are located all over the country.

Colombia has the fortune of having three branches of the Andean Mountains: the eastern, central, and western cordilleras. This formation has blessed us with lots of different climates, that ultimately result in amazing fruits, some of the best flora and fauna, and of course, the most delicious coffee in the world.

Some people say that having a Colombian coffee is more like tasting wine than having a regular cup of joe. The uniqueness relies on the flavors and sensations that one cup can give you. Maybe you don’t taste anything specific but somehow, you’re reminded of a very special fruit or cake you used to love… that sensation is thanks to the flavors of Colombia.

Now, if you’re traveling around the country and want to live a coffee experience, we have fincas or farms wherever you go. Whether you want a premium experience, or something more casual, we have found the best options for you. You can adjust any of these to your calendar or your route and live an unforgettable experience.

Hacienda Coloma

This farm is located 90 minutes away from Bogota and is a hidden gem within a small city called Fusagasuga. The farm itself is a nice place to visit to enjoy nature, but luckily for those staying in Bogota, is also great to learn about coffee.

In the farm you’ll be able to walk through the process of coffee making, and if you’re lucky, even pick some coffee beans to recreate the production that takes place in the farm. While you’re in the tour, you’ll also learn about traditions and even see why the jeeps are so important for the farmers when it comes to coffee production.

What’s so especial about this farm, is the liquor they have created with their own coffee. A sweet and unique beverage that could be perfect for a souvenir, or just to remember Colombia when you’re back home.

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La Palma y el Tucán

A premium experience that offers lodging and coffee tours in an agroecological farm. This eco hotel is located near a small town called Zipacón, and it isn’t an ordinary hotel. The rooms are actually cabins with balconies, all with amazing views of the mountains nearby.

If you wish, you can only be part of their coffee tours, which include a walk around their coffee plantations, all with different characteristics, and finish preparing your own cup of coffee with the guidance of a professional barista.

The particular thing about this farm is the care that they put into their plantation in order to make it ecological, and to keep the best qualities of the coffee in every cup.

Hacienda El Roble, Café Mesa de los Santos

Farther away from Bogota, in the capital of adventure of Colombia, Santander, you’ll find Hacienda El Roble. This place offers lodging, perfect if you want to live a special coffee experience one day before heading to the airport to continue your trip.

It is a 320 hectares farm full of diversity and wildlife. In their tours you’ll learn about organic farming practices that have been part of their coffee production for 20 years. Here you can also find two types of tours: one regular and one premium. The first one includes coffee tasting and a visit through their own coffee museum. The second one also includes a tasting, the visit in the coffee museum, plus a short Safari Jeep ride, food, fruits, and a visit to a 360 viewpoint.

If you want to visit the farm and enjoy the coffee tours, keep in mind that extra transportation will be needed.

Finca El Ocaso  

Deep in the coffee heart of Colombia, Finca El Ocaso represents the traditions of the area. This farm is 5km away from Salento, a small town full of color and colonial houses, and it offers lodging as well as coffee tours.

Given the distance from the farm to other places, if you’re traveling with a car, it could be a nice place to stay. On the other hand, if you’re traveling by bus, reaching the farm will require extra transportation that can be found in the small town of Salento, where you can stay and find other activities.

The coffee tours available in English start at 2 pm or 4 pm, it depends on what you want to learn. The tour that starts at 2 is a premium experience where you get to learn about the coffee production but also join a coffee laboratory to learn about tasting. The tour that starts at 4 is dedicated to the process of transforming the seed of coffee into a cup, without the tasting experience.

So, if you’re planning on going to Salento, visiting this farm could be part of your itinerary.

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Finca Café San Alberto

This coffee has been awarded as one of the best coffees in Colombia for many years, and its farm is also fighting to get the same title. Located in the opposite direction of Salento, Hacienda San Alberto is in Buenavista, hidden among the mountains and surrounded by the greenest landscapes you could imagine.

To visit this farm is to go deeper into the heart of the coffee region and witness the authentic traditions of the locals. Walk up the mountain to sit in their shop, enjoy a coffee tasting and let your senses be delighted with the amazing views from the top of the hill.

The San Alberto Farm allows you to have a sneak peek behind the magic of one of the highest quality coffees you’ll ever taste. Learn about methods, beans, and flavors while sinking in the magic of Colombia.