The vaccination process is advancing at a different pace in every country, which means we can’t let our guard down. Now, when it comes to vacation is especially important to be as careful as possible. We can’t wait for the moment we beat the virus and enjoy life without masks, but that moment is still far. So, that leaves us with some restrictions and precautions to keep life going on.

To make sure that you enjoy your vacations, we give you a list of things to keep in mind while visiting the country.


It is probably the same in your country, but is always good to emphasize that you must always wear a mask, at all moments. In most cities the restaurants and bars have tried to set up tables in the streets so that the air will circulate.

It is normal that the restaurants ask you to keep your mask on until your food has arrived, since it isn’t possible to always keep the air flowing, especially when you are in shopping centers.

Tests when entering the country

If you’re coming from the US, the CDC Website recommends taking a PCR test 1 to 3 days before traveling, and to only travel if you must.

When entering Colombia, as of January 6th, you must present the PCR test with a negative result. If you couldn’t take the test, you must verbally express why it wasn’t possible under oath. When that’s the case, you have the chance to take a PCR test and remain isolated while waiting for the negative results.

On the other hand, you could quarantine for 14 days and provide authorities the address where you’ll spend your time isolated.

Remember you have to take care of the costs of the PCR test and the lodging when you don’t enter the country with the negative test result.

Quarantines and curfews

Even though the vaccination process has begun in Colombia, the cases are rising up again and a third wave is feared all over the country. In order to avoid the worst case scenario, the biggest cities have imposed curfews and restrictions for buying alcohol.

If you’re planning on coming in April, keep in mind the following rules:

For Santa Marta: there will be curfew as of 8pm and it’ll be forbidden to buy alcohol as of 6pm.

For Medellin: from March 23rd to April 5th there will be restrictions for buying alcohol, and the curfew will apply from midnight to 5am.

For Bogotá: unless you have permission, it’ll be forbidden to move around the city from midnight to 5 am.

Keep in mind that Colombia has a lot of festivities, sometimes twice per month, so be sure to always search for the news and keep yourself updated.


Hotels, restaurants, shops and other commerce establishments have implemented “Biosecurity” protocols, which include washing your hands or rubbing alcohol, taking the temperature or registering.

Depending on the place some things vary, but it is always important to wash your hands or keep a bottle with alcohol to rub on your hands.

Remember, keeping your mask on at all times is mandatory.

Biosecurity check

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism created the “Certified Check-in” biosafety seal for the touristic establishments and services. The requirements for obtaining this seal include some of the protocols we mentioned before, as well as additional measures to make sure that your stay in the country will be a safe as possible.

This certification is voluntary and can be found in tourism-related business.

The life goes on with us wearing masks and keeping alcohol in our pockets, but if we keep every effort to stay safe anywhere in the world, we may see things get better sooner than later.

Remember to keep enjoying the wonders that Colombia has to offer while complying with the new rules. Gladly the masks must cover our noses and mouths, but our eyes remain clear to enjoy the scenic landscapes of the country.