Every year, between July and November, one of the most awaited events for nature lovers takes place: the arrival of humpback whales in the Pacific Ocean. Humpback or Yoruba whales travel more than 8 thousand kilometers from Antarctica in search of the warm waters of the Pacific in order to mate or give birth to their calves.

Although these majestic cetaceans travel through several South American countries, Colombia is recognized as the world’s largest seasonal migration destination for humpback whales. Not in vain, it has some of the best places to observe them, as well as to go deep into the incredible tropical jungle of the Pacific region.

If you want to spend your vacations discovering dazzling beaches and landscapes and, above all, letting yourself be amazed by the spectacle offered by these animals and their small calves, these are the best places to enjoy the whale season in Colombia.

1. Bahia Malaga 

Near Cali and Buenaventura is located the Uramba Bahía Málaga National Natural Park, a place recognized both for the sighting of humpback whales and for the wide variety of adventure and nature activities that can be performed on its shores. From hiking along cliffs, speleology, kayaking and boat rides, to rest and relaxation in front of the sea.

Besides being a paradisiacal place and perfect for watching whales jump and play with their calves, Bahia Malaga or Malaga Bay is a less touristic region, so the experiences become authentic immersions in the Colombian Pacific.  

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2. Nuqui

Nuqui is a region of the department of Choco, located in the Gulf of Tribuga and is one of the most biodiverse places on the planet, so deciding to go to see the humpback whales can also be the perfect excuse to discover another large number of species of fauna and flora that you could only find here.

Once in Nuqui, activities are plentiful. You can go deep into the thick jungle of Choco by hiking, visit the Ensenada de Utría National Natural Park and the protected mangroves in this area, visit the mangroves, interact with the community, enjoy its gastronomy and, of course, take boat rides during the whale season to see them and their calves.

3. Gorgona Island 

Gorgona National Natural Park is another park known for its fascinating fauna and flora and, of course, for being home to whales for a few months every year.

Gorgona Island is one of the favorite destinations for Colombians and foreigners who want to have a full immersion in nature and disconnection, as some of the most common activities are diving, snorkeling and hiking, but you can also rest between the jungle and the sea. This destination is also close to Cali and Buenaventura, but you must sail to the island.

4. Bahia Solano 

Located very close to Nuqui, also in the Gulf of Tribuga, is Bahía Solano or Solano Bay. In fact, from this place you can also reach the Ensenada de Utría National Natural Park. This place also has a large number of places you can visit to learn more about the tropical rainforest ecosystem and spend a few days combining exploration and adventure in nature, as well as rest on the shores of the incredible Pacific Ocean.

Of course, don’t forget that Choco is one of the rainiest areas as well, so it is important to always be prepared for adventure in the water: whether it is in the sea, the river or the rain.

Wherever you visit, remember that you are the one who is visiting whales’ home, so it is important to approach with respect, keep a safe distance from them and their calves, and remain silent to let them be free near you.

If you have already decided to make the most of the whale season, remember that it is also important to be accompanied by trained guides and companies that can cover all your needs and provide safety throughout the trip.