As a consequence of the pandemic, tourism has had to adapt and rethink the way it has offered its services completely, from transportation and food to accommodation and plans at destinations.

Despite this, people are looking to continue traveling and touring Colombia and its wonderful places. And although little by little we will be able to go back on track and do tours, and we will start to receive travelers from all over the world again, we know that the pandemic is and will continue to be part of our new reality. This means that we must keep learning how to live with it, adapting our habits and care, and changing the way we relate to people and spaces.

For this reason, one of the services that will help tourism to get back into its rhythm and continue offering experiences around the country is transportation, which now has an alternative to guarantee travelers safety at all times.

The transfer is a private transportation service for one or several people from a point of origin to a point of destination. Generally, these services are provided:

  • From the airport to the hotel or destination.
  • From the hotel or destination to the airport.
  • From one transportation point to another (e.g. bus station to train station).
  • From your hotel to a transportation station.
  • From a station to your hotel or destination

But why hire a transfer service?

Having a private transfer service has many positive aspects, especially with the pandemic, since it is crucial to ensure that everything is as safe as possible. Here are some of its advantages!

  • They will be able to guarantee your safety and compliance with all covid-19 prevention measures.
  • You will be offered personalized transportation that meets your particular needs or the type of trip you are making. You will have comfortable, spacious vehicles with enough space for luggage, air-conditioned if required, with professional drivers who comply with all biosafety protocols.
  • As they are completely personalized, private and door-to-door trips, you will avoid access to public transportation where there are more people.
  • Drivers will be available and attentive to your needs throughout the trip.
  • In addition, as airports are usually far from the center, a transfer becomes an ideal option.
  • You can move from one area of the city to another, to continue enjoying its tourist offer.

Finally, how to choose the best option?

This type of services can be found in almost all areas of Colombia. Therefore, given the variety of options, it is always important to make sure that the service you hire or acquire has all the guarantees to make you feel safe and secure during the trip.

The best thing is that with Gran Colombia Tours you don’t have to look any further. If you are thinking of taking a trip and you still don’t know how to get to your final destination, we can offer you alternatives, complying with all the biosecurity protocols.

Improve your experience, take advantage of your vacations and feel safe and prevented from covid-19 with us. See here the places we go to with our private transfers:

And do not forget that supporting tourism in Colombia and complying with health measures will continue to be our priorities not only for the enjoyment of travelers but for its importance and what it brings to the country.