Graffiti Private Tour in La Candelaria Bogotá

La Candelaria, Bogotá D.C.

3 hours

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Bogotá rises as one of the key city-canvases in Latin America, which has made it an attractive destination for the curious tourist and the bold artist. Would you have guessed?

What to expect on this Graffiti Tour in La Candelaria?

Come with us and learn why street art has become so important, in this graffiti tour around downtown Bogotá and its colorful and vibrant neighborhoods. Get a local perspective and understand how great art can overcome negative labels such as vandalism.

Bogotá’s graffiti truly a sight to behold. Don’t miss it! This quick tour is only a bridge to keep enjoying Bogotá with wider perspective. If you want to keep discovering the national history but through food, we invite you to take part in our food tour in La Candelaria.


In this 3-hour private tour, our expert local guide will pick you up at your hotel. You will be driven to La Candelaria, the historical downtown of the city. You will get to stop at the foundational square called Chorro de Quevedo Square. From there you will start walking along the main spots in this youthful district.

You will go through an overview of the city’s iconic works in relation to spray-painting and will walk along streets packed with graffiti that retell our indigenous ancestry and its relation to the city. You will get to know the work of local artists such as: Carlos Trilleras, Wosnan, Ocio 4, and 3 Manos.

You will pass by La Concordia’s local market and neighborhood, and the Journalist’s Park. All of them places that have been key in defining the identity of Bogota’s downtown and the ideas street artists put in their artworks.

Besides, you will get to see some of the best graffiti authored by women and understand their role in the propagation of this art: Bastardilla, Vera, Ledania, and others will be seen. The guide will also explain the struggle spray-painters have had to earn their place and recognition due to negative labels that are sometimes put to graffiti such as vandalism.

At the end, you will be invited to taste a coca leaf tea at Café Herencia, a coffee shop that works and supports local artists before heading back to your hotel.


  • A personalized tour around La Candelaria historical neighborhood
  • A brief introduction to the socio-political context of graffiti production
  • The guide shares insight into the murals you might miss on your own
  • A final stop to taste a traditional drink
  • An authentic travel experience immerses you in the local culture


  • Gran Colombia Tours private guide
  • Pick-up and drop-off in private transportation
  • Gastronomic experience
  • All-risk insurance
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Extra purchases

Know before you book

  • Please keep in mind this is a walking tour and operates in all weather conditions.

Frequently asked questions

The most advisable thing is that you wear layers of clothing that you can remove as the day progresses. Hoodies, cotton t-shirts, sneakers, sunglasses, and a cap are the most used items of clothing for this activity.

The weather in Bogotá tends to change abruptly during the day, so it's best to be prepared for both rain and sun as the tour operates in all weather conditions. Bring a jacket, comfortable shoes, water and wear sunscreen.

You will see the art of local street artists like Carlos Trilleras, Wosnan, Ocio 4, 3 Manos, Bastardilla, Vera, Ledania,and many more.

The tour is planned to appreciate a bit of various graffiti neutral spots in Colombia, especially in the La Candelaria neighborhood. You will walk around El Chorro de Quevedo and the Journalists' Park.

Tour's Location

La Candelaria, Bogotá D.C.



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