Tubing across Palomino River + Hiking Tour

By water and land. Surrender to adventure and connect with nature in the most authentic way: tubing and hiking in Palomino


3.5 hours

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Private Tour

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Between Santa Marta and La Guajira, there is a place that boasts nature and adventure. And we want you to know it. Come with us to Palomino. Take a motorbike. Hike across the forest and enjoy a walk by the song of birds. Gaze at the views of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta’s surroundings. And then take your tires downstream the Palomino River and enjoy the rapids until you get to the point where it meets the Caribbean and take the motorbike back to Palomino. A perfect mix between adventure and deep chill connection with nature.  

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  • A short hike among nature
  • Tubing downstream the Palomino River by the rapids
  • Getting to meet the place where Palomino river meets the Caribbean Sea
  • A trip by motorbike across Palomino

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Part of the joyful energy you easily find in Palomino is due to the great amount of adventure and nature-ish activities and plans that you can do there. By being near the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta and with the Caribbean Sea just in front, most of the must-do things here will include adrenaline and contact with nature.

If you enjoy living the best out of every place, trust us: this tour is perfect for you.

In this tour a guide will pick you up in a motorbike, which will be your transport for a part of the tour. Then, you will do a hike of 40 minutes across the surrounding forest of Palomino. There, the guide will give you a short lesson of flora and fauna of the area. And if you are lucky, and the sky is clear enough you’ll be able to see the two most important peaks of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta: Simon Bolivar and Colon peaks.

Once ready you will take your floating tires and life jackets downstream the Palomino River. There will be a part of rapids in this route, but you will also enjoy going down the river among nature. Finally, you will get to the Palomino River mouth, the exact place where it meets the Caribbean Sea.

Give yourself the chance of doing something new and try this.


  • Gran Colombia Tours Guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off by motorbike
  • Floating tire
  • Life jacket
  • All-risk insurance
  • Extra purchase

Additional Information

🟡 Be aware that transport of this tour will be by motorbike

🟡 Be aware this tour is part walking and with the floating tires

🟡 Operates in all weather conditions, please dress appropriately

🟡 Bring comfortable shoes and water. Keep hydrating constantly and use sunscreen

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