Be part of a fulfilling experience in Monserrate, the most touristic place of Bogotá with its official walking tour

Monserrate Tour Bogotá + Tickets

Get to know the best of Colombia’s Golden Gate: the amazing coastal city of Barranquilla

Gran Malecón + Carnaval Museum + Downtown Barranquilla City Tour 6H

Go beyond the touristic side of the city and play Tejo, the Colombia’s national sport while sharing with more fun people

Tejo & Beer Private Bogotá Tour

Have a glimpse of everything Santa Marta offers to your enjoyment, in this 3-hour walking tour.

Santa Marta City Tour: Old City + Gold Museum

Explore Santa Marta’s artistic streets and let its urban art and graffiti show you a different side of the city.

Graffiti Tour in Santa Marta Old City

Be a witness of the contrasts between Santa Marta’s past and present in this city tour around its main spots.

Santa Marta Old City, Museum, Quinta San Pedro & Taganga’s Bay Tour

Get familiarized with the life and doings of the most recognized drug lord in Colombia from a neutral perspective.

Behind Pablo Escobar’s Steps Tour

Just a hop from busy Medellin there’s the comuna 2 and the hidden Arvi Park. Let’s explore it together!

Arvi Park + Comuna 2 Medellin City Tour 6H

Enjoy breathing at the Botanical Garden, one of the Medellín’s lungs and jump to Comuna 4 to learn its unbelievable transformation process.

Botanical Garden + Comuna 4 Medellín City Tour 5H

If you want to learn tons of detailed history while walking around downtown Medellin this 4-hours tour is your best choice.

Memory House Museum + Medellín Downtown Historical Tour 4H