If you have an idea of how huge, active and energetic Bogota is, you can imagine that it’s not an easy task to make a list of the best restaurants in the city. Especially because there are so many criteria we could use to rank them. And because, in addition, we know that each person has a different idea about what’s best, based on their personal taste.

However, as our mission is to be able to advise and highlight the national things that are worth knowing, in this blog we’ll do our best to give you an updated guide of the best restaurants in Bogota.

As we have said, there can be many categories to rate a restaurant. Here we will organize our recommendations according to location, value for money, innovative or traditional proposal in the city and menu variety (and yes, we’ll try to please most of you).

Downtown – La Candelaria

La Puerta Falsa

Our first recommendation could be none other than the oldest typical restaurant in Bogota. Since 1816 this place welcomes all those who come from Plaza de Bolivar and continues to honor its traditional essence. Its menu is limited and the restaurant is small, but it’s perfect to try one of the best ajiacos of the city (Bogota’s typical dish) or homemade flavors and delicacies.

Where? Cl. 11 #6-50



This restaurant is one of the pioneers in working with local and national products brought to haute cuisine, as well as with indigenous communities and their traditional ingredients. In their proposal they look for “forgotten” ingredients to transform them into a modern gastronomic experience. Many consider this place a tribute to Colombian cuisine and diversity, but above all a little lesson on Colombia’s unique culture.

Where? Tv. 4 Bis #57-52

Universal Café Bar

Although this is not a Colombian food restaurant, we know that in variety lies the pleasure. Therefore, we suggest a couple of international options that we consider curious and worth knowing.

This place has a “flirty” proposal that makes it very attractive to visit. With a contemporary and very lively European café atmosphere, the restaurant presents a varied menu of haute cuisine. In addition to its delicious dishes, its decoration includes an interesting collection of works of art, which makes the visit a unique experience.

Where? Cl. 65 #4a-76

G Zone

El Chato

This restaurant is a contemporary bistro whose menu is based on local and seasonal products. The chef, Alvaro Clavijo, who is on the lists of the best chefs in the world, works to highlight local and national flavors and ingredients.

The name of his restaurant, El Chato, is a traditional expression in Bogota and its name pays homage to its place of origin and has been ranked 80th in The World 50 Best Restaurants. It is the only Colombian restaurant on the list.

Where? Calle 65 # 4-76

El Casual de Leo

Of course, it wouldn’t be a reliable list if we didn’t recommend the restaurant of the best chef in the world, Leonor Espinosa. This renowned Colombian chef has showcased the best of national gastronomy worldwide.

This restaurant is her second brand and as its name indicates it is a much more casual and informal restaurant, farther away from a luxurious restaurant. This restaurant started in the pandemic as a proposal of everyday and eclectic cuisine, as Leo, the chef, enjoys cooking in her own home. It’s a quite affordable and unique option in the city. A must!

Where? Cra. 4a #65-44

North Zone

La Brasserie

La Brasserie is a French bistro restaurant. Not only do they have a wide variety of dishes and wines, but they also take great care of all the service, from the kitchen to the table, so visiting it’s always a pleasant experience. Clearly, you will not find local or national options, but if you want to try international food in the city, this is a sure hit.

Where? Cra. 13 #85-35

Andrés Carne de Res or Andrés D.C.

And we could not miss one of the flagship restaurants in Colombia and Bogota (so much so that it is a tourist experience for travelers): Andres’ restaurants.

This proposal not only includes a varied menu of typical Colombian dishes, but also a colorful, cheerful and thematic aesthetics of its restaurants. All to highlight the diversity of the country. Today, the restaurant has several formats (fast food or with smaller menus).Our recommendations are the two main sites that, in addition, at night become perfect places to enjoy a great Colombian party.

Andrés D.C. (in Bogotá)

A multi-story building full of typical, curious and eye-catching decorations. It is near an area famous for its nightlife.

Where? Cl. 82 #12 -21

Andres Carne de Res (outside Bogota)

This is the first restaurant and is a mini-city dedicated to color and Colombianness. It has a more country atmosphere, so it’s such an experience.

Where? Cl 3 11 A-56 – Variante de la Luna (Chía, Cundinamarca)