Are you looking for a great bar to enjoy good drinks but also want to have the possibility to party? These are the places you need to visit when you’re in Bogota!

As of August 27th, the bars in the city can be open until 3 a.m., just like it was before the pandemic. This great news allows us to share with you some of the best spots to enjoy the night life in Bogota. The Pubs, the bars and the parties that last longer, are things we were all waiting for, so to celebrate we give you some recommendations for all types of plans.

We know that drinks and music are both important when it comes to clubbing, which is why we have selected these places. Also, the last spot actually counts as two for one, find out why!

El patio del sitio

A great rooftop located in the north of the city, on the 5th floor of El Retiro shopping center. El patio del sitio is a place that offers live electronic music, and a great selection of cocktails to start the night. Since the place is open from 7 p.m., you can arrive early to enjoy some burgers or wings before the party starts.

They’re open from Thursday to Saturday, and depending on the night, the ladies can enjoy a free cover or open bar for a specific drink. Plus, you can enjoy some great views of the city while having a nice drink or partying to the beats of the DJ.

Keep an eye on their Instagram to stay updated with their music guests, and don’t forget to make a reservation!

Cumbia House – Gaira Sentimiento local

This is the bar of the famous Colombian artist, Carlos Vives, and just like his music, the place is full of flavors: amazing cuisine, and live Caribbean music!

In the Cumbia House you’ll find an excellent menu that brings together the best of the Caribbean coast with a modern touch. The gastronomical offer stands out thanks to the fresh ingredients in every plate, which become a tribute to the regional Colombian traditions.

The best thing about this, is that the cocktails are also top notch, designed to offer a unique experience after your meal. Of course, to close the night perfectly, the live music will make you stand from your chair and move to the rhythm of Colombian artists.

Here you can enjoy a great Colombian night, from meal to party, all in the same place!

El Mono Bandido

Nice beer, good burgers, and music to get in the mood. El Mono Bandido is a place you must visit when you want to taste a great beer and chill to the sound of cool music.

The bar now has five locations, each with a different setting for different occasions. Even though the beers and the burgers are great everywhere, our recommended spots are the ones in Park 93 and Zone T. In both of these places you’ll find ball pools, which make a great setting for pictures, and with a reservation, you can spend some time in a small artificial beach available. Yes, everything you just read is real.

The uniqueness of this bar makes it a must-visit when it comes to night life in Bogota, and the greatest part is that you can also enjoy some nice, crafted beers!


This bar is near Zone T, in the north of the city, and is famous for the language exchange activities that they host every Tuesday. If you’re up for it, is a great chance to meet people and do something different in Bogota.

Afterward, the party begins with a mix of Latin music and great cocktails, which is one of the reasons why it became famous in the first place, it is one of the only places where you can party on a Tuesday.

On the other hand, the traditional parties take place from Thursday to Saturday, and they also invite DJs to host some of their iconic nights. To check their upcoming events be sure to follow them on Instagram!

El Fabuloso

This is the rooftop bar specialized in cocktails. Enjoy an electronic party on the seventh floor of a building in the north of the city and live a new experience with drinks that will blow you away. The flavors of their cocktails are amazing but what really stands out is their presentation. Having a drink becomes a whole experience.

Now, the great thing about this place is that it’s part of a business group that also owns an amazing bar on the sixth floor of the same building. This place is called La Bebeta and is designed to be an arcade-like spot with a Colombian touch: tejo.

So, you can enjoy great drinks while having a blast playing tejo, and when you’re ready to party, the rooftop will be waiting for you to join the music.

Save this list for the next time you’re in Bogota and want to enjoy some nice parties after exploring the cultural side of the capital.