To talk about coffee in Colombia, is to talk about hundreds of years of history and evolution of the market. For many years our country has been recognized as the one with the best coffee, but sadly for the locals, this was a reality almost exclusive for foreigners.

Here’s what you need to know

To export coffee, the quality standards are very high, and not all the seeds make it through the process. So, what happens with the bad quality coffee? Normally, it is consumed all over the country. For a long time, the best quality coffee wasn’t easy to taste or buy in Colombia. Why? Well, all the efforts went to the coffee that got the best revenue, the one that was sold in dollars.

On the other hand, getting inside the coffee business wasn’t very easy. The paperwork, plus shipment processes, all added up to expensive coffee bags that the local market couldn’t afford. Also, it’s necessary to mention that over time the farmers were getting paid less for their product. Like this, the knowledge related to good coffee production was minimized and the country got used to drinking not the best.

What has changed?

Now more people have come together to work directly with the farmers and learn about the best practices to obtain the best quality coffee. Additionally, the access to machines, such as roasters and grinders, is making possible for more people to produce their own coffee and sell it to the locals, with the real Colombian flavor.

Now, why is this important for coffees in Medellin?

Antioquia, the state, or department where Medellin is located, has a long coffee tradition thanks to its mountains and valleys. During the 20th century it was recognized as the leading coffee-growing region of the country. This closeness with the farmers and the production process has helped to get more people interested in sharing the best local flavors.

The not-so-good coffee is normally called tinto, just the black bitter liquid with lots of sugar. Nonetheless, tinto is a word rooted deep in the Colombian hearts to refer to black coffee. What some would normally call “americano”, here we call it tinto, and nowadays it can also refer to great coffee.

Undeniably there’s a national trend related to good quality coffee shops, and different regions in the country are changing the way Colombians perceive a cup of tinto. Now the variety of methods for making coffee is helping us to realize how many flavors we can perceive in one sip.

So, to learn more about coffee, and specially to taste it, we have selected the best coffee shops in Medellin. If you’re looking for a place to relax, taste the best coffee of the world, and maybe also enjoy a snack, we have just the right spots.

Here’s the list of the places you must know

DDC – Desarrolladores de Café

Located near El Poblado, this coffee shop specializes in the production process of coffees from all over Colombia. If you visit the shop, you may find very different flavors available, as well as lots of methods.

One of the reasons this shop is also very special, is their vegan offer of desserts and food. Although they’re focused on coffee, you cand also find a gastronomical offer for any moment of the day. But, before trying their cuisine, we recommend tasting their coffees in all the possible methods.

As a plus, you can buy their coffee bags and choose your favorite based on the flavors of the description. If you’re looking for sweet, or sour, or even bitter, you’ll surely find it there.

Pergamino Café

A very modern approach to coffee and its many presentations: that’s only a couple of the many things that could define Pergamino Café. You need to know that this shop works directly with at least 600 farmers and has a great variety of products. You can find cold brew ready to go, bags of coffee beans, mugs, cakes, and even gifts.

They stand out for the artisanal process when it comes to roasting. Normally the roasting process can be made by a computerized machine, but the best way to get a perfect product is to overlook the process with an expert eye.

You cand find two shops in El Poblado, two farther away in the city, and one in the airport in Rionegro.

El laboratorio del café

The coffee laboratory is a must-visit if you’re passionate about this beverage. Why? With over five shops all around Medellin, this place has become an icon when it comes specialty coffees. They have gained so much experience that they offer courses, tours, kits, and more.

Whether you want to buy a gift for someone, or just take great coffee back home, this shop sells special boxes with different types of coffee. Given that they take care of most of the process for the coffee making in one of their locations, you’ll find as much variety as you wish for.

If you’re visiting the Museum of Antioquia, you’ll find them in the Botero Plaza, just perfect to get some energy back in your body. If you’re in the Olaya Herrera airport, you’ll also find a small stall with their delicious products.

The Colombian bonus or ñapa:

Café Cariñito mío

Coffee my sweetheart: that’s the translation of the name of this coffee shop located next to the Museum of Modern Art. This place was born three years ago with the purpose of bringing people together with some good quality local coffee.

The passion for the coffee culture is what brought together a team of hard-working people to open this place. Even though the shop also offers lunch and other meals, their specialty is good quality local coffee. If you have the opportunity to go after spending some time in the museum, you’ll find that their products fulfill the requirements to be exported.

They also work directly with the farmers and put a lot of passion and love in their everyday work, so be sure to visit them and discover amazing flavors.