Are you already thinking of going on vacations? The confinement has taken a hard toll on everybody, and for some people, it means more daydreaming about their next holiday. To help you figure out your next destination, here are 5 places that you can’t miss if you come to Colombia and want to make sure that Bogota is worth visiting.

With just a little bit of research you’ll find that Colombia has a bit of everything: deserts, beaches, cities, small towns, jungles, mountains, plains, waterfalls, everything to choose. Whether you want to relax, go on adventures, or just enjoy good food, you can fin it all. Of course, Bogota is not far from offering all of this to make your vacations unforgettable.

For food lovers:

The traditional meal of Bogota is a massive soup called Ajiaco. In the cold weather of the capital is custom to have it as hot as possible, with rice and a piece of avocado. Ajiaco is made with chicken, three types of potato, corn, and a special herb called guasca. You can top it with heavy cream, or lemon, or alcaparras. If you’re not a lover of soups, this one may make you change your mind.

Now, If you have Netflix, go watch Street food – Latin America and learn about the history of Mamá Luz, the woman that has earned the title of making the best ajiaco of the country. Luckily for you, she just moved her restaurant to La Candelaria. Be sure to try the best local food and don’t be afraid to taste some of the other dishes on her menu.

For adventurous people:

Normally for a different and unique plan you have to go outside of Bogota. Rock climbing is very usual, as well as hiking. Nonetheless, an activity that is gaining more attention is hiking up to the Monserrate Hill. It is common to find people training, and even competing to reach the top in a record time.

On the other hand, Guadalupe is the hill next to Monserrate, that is more popular among locals, and not so much among tourists. However, the truth is that Guadalupe has better views than Monserrate. So, what if we told you there’s a way of visiting both? Now, to bring in the adventure, how about going from Guadalupe to Monserrate horseback riding? This exclusive opportunity exists and is an entertaining way of knowing the east hills of Bogota, enjoy the vegetation and live a unique adventure without leaving the city.

For lovers of history:

If you wish to know the history of the country throughout the best museums, all you have to do is walk around La Candelaria. To get a bigger picture of how Colombia and Bogota have evolved, you can visit first the National Museum. In there you’ll find some pre-columbian art, some colonial artifacts, and now you’ll also have the opportunity to see some of the finest artwork of the victims of the conflict. Since the peace agreement, all the people involved in the conflict have been asked to participate in cultural and artistic activities that can help the rest of Colombians understand what happened and what the future holds.

On the other hand, if you wish to know more about Bogota you can’t leave without visiting its museum. Right in the heart of La Candelaria, the Museum of Bogota is divided in two colonial houses that show the evolution of the city, the customs, pictures of the modern era and maps that have been growing non-stop since the last century.

For lovers of art:

The San Felipe neighborhood has become famous in the past few years for housing some of the coolest galleries of the city. Whether you’re looking for graffiti art, murals, paintings, sculptures, or anything else that crosses your mind, you’ll probably find it there.

Located in the north of the city, it is becoming a reference point for artists and lovers of the art. You can enjoy a full afternoon, or even a full day, going from gallery to gallery and taking pictures. Since more people are visiting the area, the restaurants are also leveling up and you’ll be able to find a nice spot to rest after seeing many, many paintings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the most groundbreaking local art!

For lovers of the night life:

Eat, drink, look for live music and let yourself be submerged in the colonial style of Usaquen. This neighborhood used to be a small town, independent of Bogota, but it eventually adhered and became a reference point of the north of the capital.

Feel free to walk around the plaza of Usaquen and choose anything you’d like. Coffee? Just a few blocks apart, you’ll find two amazing coffee shops that have evolved to be a reference among coffee lovers. Drinks? Be sure to visit the pubs and bars that offer Colombian beer or very innovative cocktails.

Looking for a special dinner? From Colombian to Italian, and even Spanish meals, just walk around and let your senses choose the best place for eating. If you’re staying for more than a couple of days, be sure to visit as many places as you can, and don’t miss the flee market on Sundays!

Are you thinking of doing something else that is not included here? Let us know and don’t forget to check our next blog! Remember that every big city has unique experiences for all type of people, you just need to ask to the right person or read the perfect blog for you.