If you’re planning on visiting Bogota, you may have heard about activities to do and places to visit, but have you heard any food recommendations? Whether you just want to have a nice dinner, or try amazing Colombian cuisine, here you’ll find five places that will be worth your time.

Let’s start this top 5 in the downtown of Bogota and then move to the north. Since most of the hostels are in La Candelaria, our first recommendation could be just streets away from where you’ll be staying.

1. Fulanitos

Located in Calle 12 #1-60, this restaurant specializes in food from Cali, the capital of the salsa. With a very simple decoration, Fulanitos offers true Colombian flavors for those who are curious.

Fulanitos reflects the typical traditional Colombian restaurant and does not disappoint with its flavors. First of all, you must know that most of our local food is deep fried, and one of the meals that you can’t miss is the Chuleta Valluna.

Chuleta Valluna is breaded pork beef, with potatoes and salad. This traditional meal from Cali can be found in Bogota, but you need to know where to try it to not be disappointed.

You may be wondering why such a simple dish could be so famous, and the answer cannot be written, you need to taste it, squeeze half a lemon over the beef, bite the crunchy breaded skin and feel the tender meat in your mouth to understand the magic of the meal.

Now that you know of this hidden gem, don’t doubt to add this restaurant to your wish list. Don’t be fooled by the simple looks of the place and let yourself enjoy a little bit of Colombia while in Bogota.

2. Origen Bistro

Continuing in La Candelaria, this restaurant has put a lot of effort to turn a colonial house into a magical place. Known as the yellow house in the corner, it is located in Carrera 4 #12c 88 and is easy to spot for its bright walls.

Specialized in traditional Colombian meals, this restaurant offers a truly immersive experience from the moment you go inside. With amazing art on its walls and an internal patio, Origen Bistro has taken the most traditional ingredients, such as plantain and arracacha, to use them beautifully in unique meals.

We already recommended food from Cali and now, in Origen Bistro, you’ll find food from the Pacific and Caribbean coast. Be sure to ask for meals from the Colombian coast, as they are the ones that mix ingredients you’d never imagine and offer flavors you’ll never forget.

Also, you can’t miss the natural juices. The experience isn’t whole if you try a very Colombian meal with a Coca Cola. Give yourself the opportunity to taste fully our flavors.

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3. Crepes & Waffles

When people hear this name, they imagine something specialized in desserts, or just sweet flavors but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Although some people believe this restaurant is “too common”, we recommend it because it can be found everywhere in Bogota and is a great option when there aren’t many places to choose from.

Whether you’re staying in the historical center, the north or near the airport, you’ll always find Crepes and Waffles and great variety in its menu.

Our recommendation when going to crepes and waffles is to try the Sombrero vueltiao. Named after the traditional Colombian hat used in the Caribbean coast, this meal has shredded beef, plantain, pico de gallo, avocado and more. Going from sweet to salty, this meal offers some of the most traditional ingredients of Colombia, together in one dish.

Nonetheless, if you’re just looking for a light meal at night, they also offer sweet waffles, salads or simple crepes. If you have the opportunity, try the fresh meals and, as a special recommendation, don’t miss the desserts!

4. Santa Fe Café & Restaurante

Now heading north, in one area that was deeply affected by the closing of many businesses, a survivor of the pandemic is waiting for you to try some of the best meals in the city. Santa Fe Café & Restaurant is one of the places that still gives light to La Macarena area.

Located in Calle 26b #4-30, this restaurant takes the experience of having a good meal to another level. From the presentation of the meals to the place itself, you’ll find yourself amazed by the beauty of the decorations, the dishes and the patio.

As an important note, the restaurant offers vegetarian and vegan options, in case you want to keep your diet and still find tasty meals.

This restaurant, compared to the others, takes a special interest in the presentation of the food, so even though the ingredients are the same from traditional meals, you’ll see them with a different shape, maybe with unique sauces and desserts you’d never imagined.

5. 2600 Brauhaus

Last but not least, we couldn’t leave a good beer out of the list. This restaurant (yes, they serve food too) specializes in artisanal beers but doesn’t leave aside a good meal. Located in the north of the city, in Calle 93 #13-50, they offer hamburgers, meatballs, fish and chips, among others.

Now, if you’re there, our recommendation would be the Picada. It is a typical meal popular in bars or big family celebrations. Traditionally it has potatoes, beef, a special type of chorizo, and more. Brauhaus offers its own version of picada, perfect for those who are not ready for radical flavors, but still want to enjoy some of the Colombian culture.

They also have some special cocktails and, of course, amazing beer. If you’re looking for a nice place to chill on Friday night, enjoy a good meal and taste a mind-blowing beer, this is just the spot for you in a different area of the city.

Don’t forget that Bogota has many unique restaurants, and this is just a compilation of places that may fit a lot of people. Remember to always be willing to try new flavors, even if they sound crazy. In Colombia we love to mix the sweet and salty, and even though it doesn’t always sound good, is good to give it a shot. Which of the restaurants above are you going to visit?