The first thing travelers who want to go to Santa Marta ask themselves is when Tayrona National Park will close in 2024.

Increasingly, the destinations of the Colombian Caribbean coast are becoming an essential part of domestic and foreign travelers. One of them is Santa Marta, which has two of the most impressive attractions in the Colombian landscape.

Gems of Santa Marta

First is Tayrona National Park.

One of the most important nature sanctuaries in Colombia. So much so that media such as the British newspaper The Guardian has considered it one of the most beautiful places in the world. With areas of dry and humid forests right in front of white sand beaches and aquamarine blue water. And with surroundings full of amazing fauna and flora.

And the second is the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta.

The highest coastal mountain in the world with 5,650 meters above sea level. For this reason, this region brings together an enormous diversity that is worth discovering and preserving. The Tayrona Park locates in the foothills of the Sierra.

However, not many people know that year after year the park closes its doors to the public on certain dates. So, if you are creating your trip to Colombia, here’s when Tayrona National Park closes this 2024. This way you can adjust your plan or take the opportunity to explore other areas of the incredible Colombian Caribbean.

Who closes the Tayrona Park?

The park and the Sierra Nevada are part of the ancestral territory of four indigenous communities: Kankuamo, Kogui, Wiwa and Arhuaco.

For this reason, each year the National Natural Parks (PNN) agrees with these communities to make three closures. During these closures, there is no ecotourism activity. Instead, environmental and cultural activities are carried out. This agreement strengthens the relationship between PNN, the ancestral communities, and the territory.

Why do they close Tayrona Park?

The four indigenous peoples are requesting to close the Tayrona National Park in order to carry out cultural work for environmental and spiritual protection. This, at the same time, is called “pagamento” for the indigenous people of the Sierra.  For the National Parks entity, it is also a good strategy to give the place a break and rest. In this way, the ecosystems and species that inhabit these areas can regenerate and recover.

In fact, thanks to this closure it is possible to observe certain animals in the wild, such as jaguars or small mammals. And the sources of water and air, as well as the soils are balanced.

When Tayrona National Park will close? | 2024

For 2024 the following closing dates are established:

February 1st to 15th.

This time is  KUGKUI SHIKASA. For the ancestral communities, it means the time of renewal of the land.

June 1st to 15th.

It is the time of SAKA JUSO and it means that the earth is in a menstruation process.

October 19th to November 2nd.

It is the time of NABBATASHI. At this time it is considered that the animals perform rituals to the earth.

What other activities can I do?

If you already have a trip to Colombia planned for the same dates as when Tayrona National Park closes, don’t worry! There are still many places you can enjoy. There are even destinations with incredible nature and beaches that you can take advantage of. We recommend some nearby destinations to enjoy the Colombian Caribbean to the fullest.

Santa Marta

In Santa Marta, don’t forget to visit Taganga Bay. On the way to this place, you will find incredible viewpoints. And once in town you will see many activities for all kinds of people.

If you want to visit a place with a totally different atmosphere, go to Minca. It is a mountain village less than an hour from Santa Marta. Here you can go on ecological hikes to refreshing waterfalls. You can also visit cocoa or coffee farms. Finally, you can reach high points in the mountains for dreamy views of the sea and the rainforest.

La Guajira y Palomino

If you go a little further north, you can reach Palomino. A small town with few streets but a lot of life. Here you can do many hiking activities, as well as tubing down the river to the ocean. If you stay in Palomino, we recommend watching the memorable sunsets.

Finally, the farthest destination on the Caribbean coast is La Guajira. Here we recommend you to go with a guide and equipment that will take you to the northernmost point of Colombia. This is a totally different ecosystem, as it is a desert on the coast. It is also home to another ancestral indigenous community, the Wayuu. So if you travel there, you will not only be able to enjoy the landscapes but also learn about this cultural richness.

Now you know when Tayrona National Park closes in 2024 and you can better plan all your trips through the paradisiacal Colombian coast.