We know you know that Bogotá is a must-visit city. Not only because it is the capital of Colombia, but because it is surrounded by tons of small towns, natural parks and places to discover. One of those, of course, is the well-known Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira: a place that connects ancient history to our current cultural background, and with plenty of activities for you to immerse yourself (literally!) in the largest salt rock reserve in the world.

We assume you are not, but if by any chance you are doubting on visiting this place, in this blog we will give you enough reasons to make up your mind and book a tour right away!

  1. Come visit the only subterranean catholic church in the world

One of the great things of traveling is getting to know those unique or worldwide known marvels around the globe. Well, in Colombia we have our own seven national marvels, and the salt cathedral is not only one but the top first.

This salt cathedral was built in 1995 after the first one (built in 1954) had structural instabilities and failures. The new building is 180 meters underground and it is now considered one of the most remarkable architectural and artistic achievements of Colombian architecture. its artistic character stands out even more, since the whole building is dotted with pieces of religious symbolism, which includes the largest cross in the world installed subway (measuring 16 meters high) and the monumental dome of 11 meters high and eight meters in diameter.

Therefore, regardless of your beliefs, you don’t get the chance to visit the only underground religious and cultural sanctuary in the world everyday (or you do?).

  1. Zipaquira’s salt mine is not only about the church

Although the cathedral is one of its main attractions (and quite rightly), the salt mine is now the Salt Park, in which you will have enough variety of activities to learn about the place and make the most out of your visit.

In here you’ll be able to be a miner for a day and do the miner’s route inside or you can visit the Museum of Brine. Besides, around the town the Salt Park also offers short city tours, as well as walks through historically relevant places that trace the history from the pre-Hispanic period, the colonial times, to the present time. A travel back in time!

  1. Get to know the historic relevance of Zipaquira

As we just told you, coming to Zipaquira and the Salt Cathedral is not only to mesmerize with the underground salt-carved church but to understand the real meaning of salt through time. Let’s say Zipaquira is a bridge between our pre-Hispanic history and our recent cultural context. If you come here, you will learn how salt was actually a valuable and symbolic object for the indigenous ethnics, and how it then became a priceable product with the Spaniards during colonial times. And on top of that, how the miner’s faith was the reason why this place became into what it is today.

So, despite the type of traveler you are, coming to the salt cathedral may teach and show you a thing or two about how and why Catholicism has such a relevance in the Colombian culture. So if you are interested in knowing a place’s culture and understand it, visiting the salt cathedral is a Colombian experience.

  1. Take the chance and get away from the city rush

Lastly, it is not a secret that although Bogotá is a great city to visit it is indeed a chaotic place. So, if you’re staying more than a couple of days, we recommend you saving one day to leave the city and discover a different side of the capital’s surroundings.

Part of Bogota’s beauty is how close it is from small towns and villages, natural parks, lakes and attractions to visit. In order for you to have the most complete experience in the city, you should complement it by visiting the outskirts too and see the contrasts of people, places and paces.

Actually, if you come to Zipaquira, you may want to make a wise use of your time and visit Guatavita lake at the same time, a natural beauty which has an interesting connection to Zipaquira’s history.

Decision is yours, but we know we have convinced you to go.