The traveler, at the moment of registration, as well as in the payment of the reservation, declares freely and spontaneously that he/she accepts the terms and conditions described here, as well as the fulfillment of the activities and specifications described in the chosen services or plan.

Colombian Trips Travel S.A.S before extreme or special circumstances will be able to change itineraries, to vary dates of tours, to change tour guides, guaranteeing, in any case, and from now to the service users that the new services will be of equal or superior quality to the contracted one.

Any other additional service contracted by the client with other operators during the tour will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of whoever contracts it, therefore, Colombian Trips Travel S.A.S. will not be responsible for any inconvenience or accident that may occur to which our insurance policy will not cover.

The traveler must always present the documentation that identifies him/her and that the authority requires. In the case of minors, the adults in their charge must show an identity card or birth certificate. The omission of this requirement frees Colombian Trips Travel S.A.S. from any economic claim or of any nature that can be presented before the incidents that such conduct can generate and that affects the realization of the touristic plan.

Colombian Trips Travel S.A.S does not assume legal responsibility before:

  • The behavior of the user, as well as by the inconveniences in which he/she can be involved, that generate his/her retirement of the contracted tour, by penal or disciplinary punishable
    behaviors or those that attempt against morals.
  • Accidents, losses or damages suffered by users as a consequence of imprudence or inobservance of the instructions that, for the due enjoyment of their stay, are carried out by the transporters and/or guides.

It is prohibited to leave any type of object during the tour and the clients agree to follow the indications of the guides in order to respect and protect the environment.

The traveler declares that he/she has been fully informed of the behaviors to follow in case of danger, assuming that he/she engaged in a risky activity and with it any incident that may occur in its development.

The traveler declares under his/her sole responsibility:

  • He/she does not suffer from cardiovascular diseases, nor is in state of pregnancy, he/she does not suffer from any other injury that prevents him/her from carrying out the activity without risk to his/her health, and before the risk, they have consulted a doctor.
  • He/she does not suffer from ASMA, EPILEPSY, DIABETES, SCHIZOPHRENIA, or similar disorders.
  • If any of the travelers wear a prosthesis (including SILICONE prosthesis), he/she personally assumes the risk of damage that the activity he/she is going to carry out may cause the prosthesis.
  • The travelers have not intervened with surgery in the past year, are not in rehabilitation, are not convalescent or have not healed from previous injuries, and if so, they assume the risks they may face.
  • They are of legal age and/or have the permission of their legal representative to practice the activity.
  • The activity and the risks it involves, as well as the behaviors to be observed have been fully explained
  • They must be accompanied by a guide and they agree to follow his/her instructions.
  • The travelers assume responsibility for the acts that they carry out and that are not in accordance with the explanations and orders given by the guide.
  • The travelers agree not to be under the influence of alcohol, or drugs, or any other medication that may compromise their stability, reflexes, or that in any other way affect their ability to carry out the activity.
  • The travelers must know the assistance or accident insurance.
  • They have been provided with all the technical or safety material for the practice of the activity.

Cancellation policy

  • A cancellation fee of 100% is charged if canceled a maximum of 12 hours before the event (Most of the products)
  • A cancellation fee of 100% is charged if canceled a maximum of 4 days before the event (Multi-city and Journeys)
  • A cancellation fee of 50% is charged if canceled a maximum of 8 days before the event (Multi-city and Journeys)
  • A cancellation fee of 50% is charged if canceled a maximum of 24 hours before the event (Paragliding, Santa Rosa de Cabal Hot Springs and Coffee Amusement Park)