The magical lungs of the earth
A quick glance out of the window as the plane descends into Leticia reveals an endless stretch of towering green trees, interspersed with a powerful plunging river. Welcome to the Colombian Amazon. That river is the longest in the world, covering a whopping 6,800 kilometers and you’ve reached a part of the globe that’s home to 212 mammal species and 195 different kinds of reptile.
The Colombian Amazon represents the ultimate adventure for tourists who seek to connect with nature and discover some of Colombia’s most historic cultures.
Majestic rivers wind their way across this region like giant veins, facilitating commercial transactions and transportation to mystical places in the heart of the jungle. Whether you seek remote towns, natural reserves, wildlife parks or indigenous reservations, you’ll find everything and more in Amazonas, Colombia.
Indigenous groups bring an incomparable ethnic diversity to this world famous region. Discovering their rituals, culture and beliefs, interacting with community leaders and understanding tribes’ relationship with the natural world is a unique experience that allows visitors to evoke the authentic rhythms of the Amazon.
This incredible habitat is home to as many species of flora and fauna as any eco-system on earth. It’s a truly fascinating place, not just for the cultural diversity of the region’s indigenous peoples but for the wildlife that grows and survives on the many shores of the Amazon River, the largest, widest and deepest in the world.

Tours in Amazonas