Birdwatching at Monserrate Bogotá

Monserrate, Bogotá D.C.

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We feel very proud of the Colombian diversity present everywhere in the country, even in the places we would least imagine. Heighten your chances of spotting unique birds on this guided tour in an exclusive trail in Monserrate, the heart of Bogotá. In the company of an expert, learn about the region’s birds, its biodiversity, and the effort that has helped build this hotspot, especially for hummingbirds.

What to expect on this birdwatching morning at Monserrate?

Colombia is the world’s second-most biodiverse country, and it has more bird species than any other place on earth. Many would think that most are hidden away, far from the cities: but it is not so!

If there’s a place to feast your senses with diversity, is right here. Come with us to this magical journey in the most famous mountain of Bogotá. Wake up early to enjoy a morning full of birds feeding on the fresh nectar from the flowers and the fruits growing on the trees that serve as their natural home.

Right in the heart of the city you can experience this amazing abundance of natural life in an exclusive trail, designed for bird lovers. Let us surprise you! If you end up wanting to learn more about our biodiversity, we invite you to check our birdwatching day tour at Chicaque Natural Park. You will love it!


Our expert guide will pick you up and take you across the city heading to the most famous tourist spot. From the entrance you will be able to observe the forest that houses many species, as well as learn about the local avian fauna.

This captivating mountain is home to more than 100 unique bird species, some of which you may have heard of: Synallaxis subpudica, Eriocnemis cupreoventris, Coeligena helianthea, Myioborus ornatus, among others. Grab a pair of binoculars, even your camera, and spend the morning exploring.

Learn firsthand from a birdwatching expert about the birds that inhabit the mountain. There are so many that you won’t see the same species twice! Besides, you will learn about a great variety of plant and animal species which make their home in this area. Then, get a good last look and get ready to go back to the urban reality.


  • Diving deep in a natural paradise within the city
  • Exploring an exclusive birding trail in the company of an expert birder
  • Discovering the main birdwatching spots
  • A birdwatching lesson on local avian fauna from an expert


  • Gran Colombia Tours private guide
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off in private transportation
  • Entry to Monserrate birding trail
  • All risk insurance
  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Extra purchases

Frequently asked questions

Bring comfortable clothes for hiking, not bright colors, comfortable waterproof hiking footwear, a cane if you need it, and don’t forget a jacket. Weather tends to be cold.

Yes, anyone can go birdwatching at Monserrate. Our expert guide will make sure to walk at your own pace, without rushing. The activity happens to be at a considerable height. Please mind telling the guide or noting on the booking if there is any health condition our team should know of.

Birdwatching is an activity that requires the early hours of the morning because that’s when most bird species are active.

Some say that the sculpture of the fallen Lord grows hair. They also say that couples who visit the Sanctuary never get married and break up instead. Some believe that between Bogotá and Monserrate there is a point where the sun rises and marks the path to reach El Dorado.

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Monserrate, Bogotá D.C.



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