Normally, when people think of Cartagena, the first thing they picture is the beach, colonial streets, and the wall that surrounds it. Of course, every city has more to offer than what you expect, and this time we’ll explore the best coffees of this iconic Caribbean beauty.

You must know…

Coffee in Cartagena is more about the experience related to the shop than the process of coffee making. Compared to other cities, the coffee shops try to offer something extra, whether is food or gifts, while you enjoy a good quality coffee.  Of course, the flavor comes first, but the spaces are designed to make you feel in a different and unique vacation.

Nowadays is possible to find places like this all over the city, but given the distances, we’ll mention the top 5 located in the historical center, where you can visit them all. If you left the souvenir shopping for last, here you’ll find the perfect places to buy great coffee for gifts. If you just want to enjoy a quiet afternoon with the greatest cup of coffee, here you’ll also find the ideal spots. So, without further ado:

Photo of a person serving cofee

The best coffees in Cartagena:

Cafeto café y regalos

This is a perfect place for coffee lovers and enthusiasts. Located in the entrance of the historical center, this shop offers coffees from all over Colombia, as well as cacao. Thanks to the many alliances they have with coffee producers, the variety is their seal. Wherever you look, you’ll find great options for gifts or to enjoy yourself.

The plus of this shop is that they also sell all the equipment you can imagine to get the best cup of coffee. French press, dripper, v60, chemex, all is available for you to buy and prepare the best coffee of the world in your home. If you’re not sure about the best option among all the variety, there will always be someone to assist you with your purchase.

Café de la mañana

Now, how about a place with good coffee but also great food? Café de la mañana is a small shop that is ready to welcome you during the morning (as its name states). With vegan-friendly food, you can sit and enjoy an amazing breakfast, or just take a break from everything and relax.

Even though they don’t exclusively sell coffee, you’ll be able to find very good tasting americanos or tintos to get your day started. Whether you want your coffee alone or with food, the flavor will always stand out. As a plus, they have cold brew available for you, so if you’re walking around the historical center and the sun feels like too much, Café de la mañana will have the best cold coffee to cool your day.

Abaco libros y café

This bookstore is what you need to relax and forget about the outside world. Located in a quiet corner of the historical center, this space is dedicated to literature and the best company: coffee.

With many options to choose from, you’ll find books in English, Spanish, and some other hidden treasures, which you’ll be able to read while sipping the best Colombian flavors. The calm and peaceful environment is definitely a motive to visit this place, to put your mind to rest, and recharge your energy.

If you’re feeling more introvert while on vacation, this is the definite spot to visit.

Época Café

The balance between classic and modern is reflected here. The decoration of this shop takes you back in time, and yet gives you the best experiences that the modern cuisine has to offer. Their products are carefully crafted, and their quality is unique.

Though their gastronomic offer is amazing, they have also worked hard on their specialty coffee. Working with farms from all around the country, in Época café you’ll find coffee bags freshly roasted, with flavors you had only dreamed of. If you’re not sure about your choice, feel free to ask the baristas for their recommendation. Not only do they know the best qualities of their products, but they also offer many methods for making coffee, which will ultimately help you identify your favorite.

To enjoy an unforgettable afternoon, this is definitely a must-visit when you are in Cartagena.

Bozha Café bar

This coffee shop is a humble spot for a relaxing afternoon. A blue wall and green plants welcome you to this small place full of flavors and great energy. With their own coffee production, Bozha puts a lot of effort into every product of their menu.

They also work as bar, so variety is not a problem, but the flavors present in their coffee are definitely a huge reason to visit them. On the other hand, their staff is as a friendly as possible, so that you’ll feel the confidence to ask for recommendations and experience a warm afternoon with the best Colombian coffee.

Save this list for your next visit in Cartagena and let us know which place was your favorite!