Cartagena is famous not only for its amazing colonial streets, but also for the amazing Caribbean flavors that are part of the culture. This is reflected in the amazing restaurants that have opened in the recent years, which offer dishes so delicious and so beautiful, that they become unforgettable.

Of course, the prices can vary and some of the best experiences are quite expensive, but we have found the perfect spots for all occasions. If you just want a light dinner or a snack, we have a couple of recommendations. On the other hand, if you want to have a special night or spend some money on unique flavors, you’ll also find the right places here.

So, enough talking, let’s begin with our top 5 restaurants in Cartagena for every occasion, July 2021 version.

Club de pesca

Farther form the typical touristic spots, Club de pesca is a restaurant located inside a Marine club, in what was a fort in the colonial times. Right at the bay, this restaurant makes sure you live an unforgettable experience. With live music, the sea right next to you, and excellent dishes, visiting this place will be worth it.

In their menu you’ll find traditional meals like ceviche, but you’ll also find Colombian dishes presented in a more elegant and unique way, such as the carimañolas. Roughly we could say they are the Caribbean version of empanadas, but the truth is that they are made with yuca, stuffed with cheese and meat.

Even though you can find carimañolas almost everywhere, in Club the pesca they use sour cream, ruille, tomato and onion salsa to give it a unique flavor. So, if you’re looking for a meal to remember, this is the right choice.


A restaurant you must visit when in Cartagena. If you’re saving for a special occasion, this is the right spot to spend your money and enjoy a fantastic night. It is located in the heart of the walled city, and though its name doesn’t stand out in a big luminous sign, the house where it is, brings magic to life.

Whether you are looking for fish or beef, Carmen offers main courses with ingredients from all over the country. Nonetheless, it is common to be overwhelmed with so many options for just one night, so you’ll also find a seven-course tasting menu designed by the chef herself, which we totally recommend.

If you visit Carmen, be ready to taste Caribbean flavors like you had never before.


A hidden gem in Getsemani awaits for your visit. Awarded as one the 50 best restaurants in Latin America in 2020, Celele has become an icon for experimenting with Caribbean flavors to obtain amazing results.

Most of their meals include fish, but they also offer one or two vegetarian options, which is a plus among other restaurants in the area. Additionally, Celele is also a pleasure for the eyes. Once you see your meal, it’ll be inevitable to not take a picture.

On the other hand, keep in mind that this restaurant has earned its place among the best thanks to its innovative offer, so you may find meals you’d never heard of. For example, one of their appetizers is a shrimp pie with mayonnaise made from coconut milk. Sounds interesting? It tastes even better!

Be sure to visit Celele and make your mouth happy.


A signature cuisine restaurant located far from the historical center, but near the beach area of Boca Grande. The menu offers various snacks, as well as a wide variety of main courses. Chicken, fish, beef and special rice.

We could say that this is one of the most traditional restaurants of our list, although their flavors and presentation sure have a special touch. For example, have you ever though of having pork ribs with a sauce made with coffee? Well, time to stop dreaming and start eating.

If you find yourself in the beaches of Boca grande, be sure to visit this restaurant, and taste some of the most unique Colombian flavors. Ingredients you thought you’d never find in a meal, like the coca leaf, actually give flavor to one of their famous rice.

Quero arepa

Compared to all the restaurants we have mentioned, this is the perfect place for a tight budget or a very light meal. Quero arepa specializes in stuffed arepas. The arepas are a bread-like meal which you can fry, toast and eat with cheese, only butter and salt, or fill with lots of ingredients.

Among the colonial houses of the walled city of Cartagena, you can find Quero arepa in a yellow corner. Their menu offers more than ten types of arepa, some of which have Venezuelan recipes, some others are very traditional, with fewer ingredients.

So, for a late dinner or a quick snack in a busy day, this is the place to enjoy a traditional meal for a cheap price.

Now that you have options all around the city, check this post when you’re not sure about what should be your next flavor-related adventure. Remember to keep your mind open when visiting the restaurants, but most of all, be ready to have a un unforgettable time.