The amazing weather and the nice people aren’t the only great things in Medellin. With the growth of tourism, the city has found many possibilities to attract people, and one of the best ones is the food.

No matter your budget or your preferences, the restaurants in Medellin offer food for everyone. Also, due to the warm weather, most of the places already had terraces or open spaces with tables, so you can sit and enjoy your food safely.

Our recommendations can fit various occasions, from elegant to informal, so if you want to impress, or just have something nice, here you’ll find the best to choose from.

Let us begin with this updated 2021 list of restaurants you can’t miss when staying in Medellin.


This restaurant is perfect for a fancy dinner or a business night. Elcielo has created a menu of experiences and flavors you’d have never imagined. All made with local ingredients, this restaurant is owned by a Colombian chef that just earned a Michellin star.

Whether you want a regular menu or a sensorial experience, Elcielo aims to offer unforgettable flavors. On the other hand, you’ll find that the dishes are a piece of art that match with the restaurant itself, and as part of this image there’s a dress code that forbids flip flops, tank tops, low cut necklines and shorts.

So, if you want to impress, this is the definitely the restaurant you need to visit.


A mix of rustic tradition and comfort: that could be the description of the first impression of Alambique. With walls full of books, empty bottles and paintings, the restaurant has become iconic for its odd but delicious menu.

Be ready to taste Colombian ingredients that you can’t find somewhere else. One example of this is the cake of choclo. The choclo  is sweet corn mostly used for making a specific type of arepas, but in Alambique you can find it as a cake, with a piece of caramelized fried pork on the side.

A plus: they offer vegetarian options.

So, if you want to try something more than just bandeja paisa and ajiaco, this is the right place to still enjoy Colombian flavors, but in a more creative way.


Are you looking for breakfast, a nice dessert or a good dinner? Well, Cambria is a hidden gem of flavors. Its menu includes eggs and French toast, as well as lasagna and salmon. Although the dishes aren’t very traditional, it is a perfect place for any time of the day.

Another reason to include this restaurant, besides its rich menu, is the amazing desserts you will find. Carrot cakes, almond croissants, red berries pies, and so much more.

For a free afternoon when you are craving something sweet, the definite choice is Cambria.

La Pampa

Fan of beef? This is the perfect restaurant! La Pampa brings together the best of the Argentinian cuisine with a Colombian touch. Find steaks, baby beef, and the famous milanesa from the south of the continent.

If you’re going with friends you could share a parrillada: a combination of different types of meat that you can cut in smaller pieces and enjoy. On the other hand, if you’re traveling with your family, the restaurant also offers a special menu for children, so everybody can enjoy equally.

A plus: the restaurant offers live Argentinian music, so having a good time while eating is not hard in La Pampa.

Tika dogs Gourmet

Last but not least, a life changing restaurant. Normally hot dogs around the world are quite simple: sausage, bread, ketchup or mustard, and that’s it. Thankfully, in Colombia having a hot dog could classify as having lunch.

A Colombian hot dog normally includes: bread, sausage, cheese, onion, crushed chips, maybe one or two hard boiled quail eggs, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and honey or pineapple sauce. It may sound like too much but is definitely worth it.

Now, Tika dogs Gourmet have taken the hot dogs to another level and their menu is unique. Something to keep in mind before going is to give yourself the opportunity to try new flavors. You’ll find hot dogs with corn, avocado, and even nachos on top, so don’t expect the ordinary when going to Tika dogs.

It’s the perfect place to visit with friends in a late afternoon or before a night out. Plus, the hot dogs aren’t expensive at all, so if your budget isn’t very high, Tika dogs Gourmet is the right place.

Our extra recommendation: Andres Carne de Res

You’ve probably heard about this restaurant, especially when visiting Bogota. Well, Medellin doesn’t stay behind when it comes to iconic places. The decorations, the dishes, the music, and even the menu are unique.

This restaurant bar can be a great place to have lunch, or the perfect spot for a night out. Normally on Fridays and weekends you can find live music, and maybe a thematic party around midnight. So, if you want to stay in one place to have fun and great food, this is the best choice.

Keep an eye on their website if you’re thinking of going, you may find a special event!

So, if you’re in love with Colombia and come often, maybe you can turn these five recommendations into your bucket list of restaurants to visit in Medellin. Which one would you visit first?